Who is eligible to compete in APMG 2018?

The APMG 2018 is open to participants from all countries in the world, and must meet the minimum age requirement for the sport they will compete in.

All competitors who register for the Games, regardless of which country they are from, are eligible to vie for medals at the Games.

The minimum age requirement for each sport is stated on the Games website:

  • At the home page drop menu, select SPORTS
  • Click on SPORT LIST

What is the difference between a competitor, a supporter and a non-playing official?

A participant who has registered to compete in any sport of the Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018.

A person who has registered as a coach, manager, scorer, team trainer or other support staff for one or more competitor.

A person who wants to experience all the fun and festivities of the Games, without taking to the competition / restricted areas in the sports arena. Perfect for friends and family members of APMG competitors.

How to check the sports information?

All information regarding the sports offered in APMG 2018 is available at the official Games website:

  • At the home page drop menu, select SPORTS
  • Click on SPORT LIST
  • Click on the icon of the sport required
  • Select the sport information guide

How to register for APMG 2018?

There are two ways to get to the registration page on the official website:

  • On the home page, just below the countdown clock, click on the blue rectangle button with the words “APMG 2018 REGISTRATION”
  • At the top of the home page, select REGISTRATION on the drop menu.Click on APMG 2018 REGISTRATION
    Follow the registration steps provided on the registration page

Can I make changes to my registration?

Yes, however the changes that can be made by the participants are limited. Participants are able to update personal details and / or register additional sports / events.

Other changes, including withdrawals, swapping events and changing division will need to be made by the organisers. Participants need to email to request for the changes to be made.

How much does will it cost me to register for APMG 2018?

The complete listing of the pricing packages is available on the Games website.
On the home page:

  • Select PARTICIPANTS from the drop menu.

Why is the amount to be paid displayed on the registration system differs from my own calculation using current currency exchange rates?

For the APMG registration system, the amount to be paid in Ringgit Malaysia and US Dollars were fixed at an exchange rate of US$1 = RM 4.25 when the Games registration began in October 2017.

The market currency fluctuations do not affect this fixed exchange rate. The rate was fixed at a constant number, and may differ from the current market rates.

What are the  the measurements for APMG2018 T-shirts?

As for the APMG2018 T-shirt, kindly refer below size chart: