7-15 SEPTEMBER 2018 . 9 DAYS . 22 SPORTS

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* Registration open until 7th July 2018, subject to available capacity.


Unity and strength will be burn bright with the APMG Torch Run 2018!

It is a bold project that covers 3,908km, expecting to involves 15,000 participants.

The torch will be carried by running, cycling, swimming, para-gliding, paramotor, speedboat, sea-walking etc. around whole Malaysia.

The Torch Run will take 99 days to reach Penang for the Opening Ceremony of APMG 2018 on 8 September 2018.

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Track APMG Torch latest location here  


Penang Global Tourism Penang, a multicultural and multiconfessional state to host the 1st ever Masters Games in the Asia Pacific! What are you waiting for? Register now at!
One of the biggest Buddhist celebrations in Penang, celebrate Wesak Day with us on Wednesday (10 May). Grand Procession starts at 6pm from the 馬佛總檳州分會 Malaysian Buddhist Association Penang Branch, 182, Jalan Burma. (GPS Coordinates: 5.425289, 100.319426)
For further details:
Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 shared Penang Global Tourism's video.
Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 Make sure to save this as it comes in handy when you're in Penang this September for the 1st Masters Games in Asia!
Let’s take a look at some of the cool points of interest of Penang.
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Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 A chance for you to live up your dreams!
Sign up at now as 22 sports await you in Penang this September!
Meet Saraswathi Rao, former Indian Table Tennis Champion from Karnataka, India. The 69 year old is proving that age is just a number. The former state champion was ranked No.2 in India and has defeated the world No.4 from Japan during her prime. This video clip shows she has still got the moves when it comes to unleashing rocketing smashes.
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The registration fee for Malaysian participants is partly subsidized by the Penang State Government.

With the subsidy, each Malaysian participant (MyKad holders) need to pay RM190* to register.

As hosts of the inaugural APMG 2018, the Penang state government is committed to promoting Masters sports among Malaysians to encourage a healthy lifestyle and to take up the challenge of competing against participants from all over the world in their respective age groups.

With the APMG 2018 being held on Malaysian soil, this is a rare opportunity for local participants to live out their Olympic dreams to compete in an international event.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today at and be part of the historic first-ever multi-sport Masters Games on Asian soil in Penang this September.

Registration closes on July 7.

Hurry and register now as numbers are limited!

*Excluding USD5 International Masters Games Association admin fee, taxes and payment processing fee (if applicable).
Sonali Wimaladasa Check out this amazing runner!
This September .... so thankful for this opportunity and to be given a greater purpose to represent my country but mostly to bear witness to the GRACE and power of the life transforming WORD in my life.
@wowriverlution #GodIsGood #RiverlutionAthlete #InChristAllThingsArePossible #ThereIsNoFinishLine #Apmg
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Roshith Perera We are truly overwhelmed by our participants’ enthusiastic!
What are you waiting for ? Register now and grab yourself APMG 2018 exclusive souvenir!
Run Run Run into the arms of the father.

Meet Sonali Wimaladasa from WOWLIFE church. She will be competing in the 100 and 200m track events at Apmg 2018 Penang Malaysia.

2017 Womens open 100 nd 200m Champion at the Sri Lanka Mercantile Athletic meet.

Bronze medalist at Asian masters in the 100 nd 200m events in 2017 Rugao China.

Age : 37 ☺️ just a number.

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Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 We are beyond excited for the APMG 2018.
Not only 22 sports but also participants from over 42 countries from different continents have been part of us!
What are you waiting for? Join us now at !
Visit to know more about what we have for you because it's definitely beyond the games!
Tag your sport mates now and be part of this historic event in Penang, one of the 17 best destinations of 2017!!
Photos from Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018's post Mayor of Penang Council, Ar.Yew Tung Seang is presenting appreciation certificate for the team involved in the APMG 2018 Torch Run. As the torch is arriving in Sarawak, we would like to thank everyone in Sabah and Team for making the first torch run in Sabah a success!
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Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 FAQ regarding entry for Shooting Competition on ISSF.
We are pleased to inform you that everyone can be part of the shooting competition as long as they reach the minimum age requirement and other rules and regulations as it is an OPEN CATEGORIES COMPETITION. Tag your shooter now to be part of the APMG 2018!
It’s time to shoot down the games! APMG Shooting consists only the Clay Target events and will be held at the Penang Rifle Club where nearby the Penang Botanic Gardens.
Tag a friend to get their guns' accuracy, precision and speed right!
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CUN, the adorable mascot has returned to Penang from Labuan. Thank you, CUN for carrying the APMG 2018 Torch from the Tip of Borneo to the Peak of Kinabalu and through Sabah into Labuan.

CUN has travelled 672 KM in 9 days. CUN #balikundi 😻😻😻 Be right back!
Photos from Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018's post Mountain biking is one of the 22 sports in APMG. Here is a glimpse of the mountain biking trail in the lush forest. Can you spot some durians hanging low? If you have signed up, you are probably excited to explore the Relau Agro Tourism Centre Track.

If you have not signed up yet, now is the time to do it. Grab your slot. You can find out more on website and sign up. If you have any questions, please PM us. We are glad to help. We can also hook you up with local MTB cyclists who will love to welcome you to Penang.

The APMG team is working hard to prepare the track and more works will be done to make it perfect! Your ride will be memorable in lush green, hilly forest with tropical fruits.

#mtb #mountainbiking #kayuhlasak #apmg2018 #apmg #mastersgames
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Photos from Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018's post APMG flag parading through Kota Kinabalu. Our APMG Mascot CUN is having a fabulous time in Sabah. CUN is helping to promote APMG to Sabahans and the tourists there. With the APMG Torch Run which began on 28 April, 2018, our mascot had flown from Penang to Sabah and CUN is going to Labuan tomorrow.

Being the attraction, CUN has helped to promote APMG and telling people to come to Penang on Sept 8, 2018 to take part in the games.

(Thank you to DBKK for the photos.)
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Top 10 Events Happening in May Penang 2018 - Penang Foodie Penang doesn't only cater to different age groups of people but also passion and lifestyle! APMG 2018 is definitely a major hit during September so register now and be part of the historic event!
List: 10 Penang Events in May 2018. In today's blog, Penang Foodie wants to tell you fun events that you need to go this May in Penang. Read our post now if you have not idea what to do in Penang!
Ain't no mountain high enough. From the Peak of Kinabalu, the APMG Torch is taken around several places yesterday.

The APMG 2018 Torch Run is to unite people. Just like the APMG happening in September, it will bring people from nearly 40 nations together.

Have you register? Let's add more countries to the list!

#apmg #apmg2018 #penang #mastersgames #sports
10 great seasons by athletes over 40 years old. Age is just a number. Play the games and live up the spirit of sport. You can be one of them! Take up the challenge in Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 and be the star athlete in your own age group! Register now before it's too late!
APMG 2018 registration will be closing on July 7, 2018. Hurry!
Tom Brady turned 40 on Thursday, and he'll be one of the NFL's oldest players in 2017. With an eye on what he and the New England Patriots can accomplish in his first season over the hill, let's look at 10 of the best seasons from athletes over 40.
Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 Be part of this 1st-ever Masters Games in Asia and Wushu which debut at an international-level games' event!
Register now and get yourself APMG2018 exclusive souvenirs!
WUSHU will debut at an international Masters Games event during the Asia Pacific Masters Games in Penang, Malaysia on 7-15 Sept 2018.

This exciting Chinese traditional martial art sport is one of the 21 sports to be contested at the first Masters Games in Asia. More details on the WUSHU and the other sports’ competitions are available at the APMG 2018 official Games website

Be a part of this historic event by signing up as a participant. Registration is open at

A 10% early bird registration fee discount applies to all registrations completed by 31 Jan 2018.
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15 Best Must Eat Street Foods When You Visit Penang This curated list to the ultimate guide to Penang food, from main courses to dessert, eat till you drop! GOOD NEWS is that these recommended dishes' locations are just steps away from some APMG 2018 competition venues and how far could it be right?
The streets of Penang city (especially Georgetown) are renowned as a food paradise mainly due to its diversity in ethnicity, culture and religion. Its multi-ethnicity brings forth such celebrated variety in Penang's street and hawker food. There
Photos from Penang Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018's post The temperature was reported to be minus 10 degrees and it was raining at night at the Laban Rata station. The APMG Torch was brought up by hikers from many countries in a relay. Accompanying the APMG Torch are a group of hikers who are part of the media team and other personnel from several organisations.

Let's cheer them on and may the flame of the APMG Torch burns bright at the Peak of Mount Kinabalu. Stay tuned for updates.

APMG is about flaming the fire of the human spirit. Are you part of the Masters Games? Register now and let's have the same spirit like these hikers to go Beyond The Games.
#apmgtorch #larianobor #obor
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APMG 2018 Torch Run - Unity Through Sports Breathtaking sunset at the Tip of Borneo in Kudat, Sabah has given the launch of the APMG 2018 Torch Run the most beautiful sight.

The event was graced by Sabah Minister of Special Task Datuk Seri Panglima Teo Chee Kang, Mayor of Dewan Bandaraya Datuk Yeo Boon Hai, Mayor of City Council of Penang Island Ar. Yew Tung Seang, APMG's CEO Ms Linda Geh, APMG's Board of Director Dato' Danny Goon and top civil servants from Kudat, Sabah.

While the sun was setting and the sky ablaze with all hues of red and orange, the moon was shining bright when the APMG Torch was handed over by APMG's Vice-Chairman Ar. Yew to Datuk Seri Panglima Teo Chee Kang for the APMG 2018 Torch Run in Sabah.

American tourist Amanda Collins was the lucky one who gets to hold the APMG Torch at the launch. She was so thrilled and will look at the APMG brochure and consider participating in the games in Sep. 2018.

APMG 2018 Torch Run is the collective efforts from Malaysian Association of Local Authorities (MALA) as MALA is instrumental in engaging Local Authorities and government agencies to bring the community together.

Unity Through Sports.

Watch out for more photos as we update where the APMG Torch is daily.

#apmg2018 #sports #torchrun
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Introducing APMG 2018 Torch Run starting from Tips of Borneo, Sabah to Penang, total distance approximately 3,900km in 99 days.
Mr.Ong Beng Soon Mr.Ong Beng Soon from Penang Wushu Association is delighted as WUSHU will debut at the 1st ever international Masters Games in Asia.
Tag your friends who would love to challenge their martial arts skills!
It's ALL in Penang! Penang, the Pearl of the Orient, is not just about feasting! Plenty of fun-filled activities in Penang will keep you occupied during your trip for sure!
Age is just a number Dr Charles Eugster (26 July 1919-26 April 2017), the world record-breaking masters athlete inspired many with his ‘age is just a number’ attitude when he started to run at the age of 95 and competed as a Masters athlete for Great Britain. He also restarted a career in rowing at age 63 and took up body building at 87, in addition to his running. It’s never too late to start exercising, said Dr Charles.
Meet Saraswathi Rao, former Indian Table Tennis Champion from Karnataka, India. The 69 year old is proving that age is just a number. The former state champion was ranked No.2 in India and has defeated the world No.4 from Japan during her prime. This video clip shows she has still got the moves when it comes to unleashing rocketing smashes.
Introducing our mascot, named CUN (Capable, United, Noble) is heating up the floor for the launching!

The wonderful lady featured in the video is a living proof that age is no limit for a person to prove themselves.
Mann Kaur of Chandigarh, India is 102 years old, and she is an athlete. At the tender age of 101, Mann won a gold medal in the World Masters Games 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. She competed in the 100m dash of the women’s 100 years and above category. Her victory was expected, as she was the only competitor in her category. However, it was her spirit and determination to complete the race which won her deserved accolades from all around the world.
For her exploits in Auckland, Mann was featured among the nominees for the prestigious “Laureus World Best Sporting Moment of the Year 2017 Award”.
Mann had not been an athlete all her life. She only started entering veteran competitions from the age of 92, at the urging of her 79-year-old son Gurdev Singh. When asked about the secret for staying healthy and fit, the great-grand mother said: “Eat well, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Don't eat unhealthy food and stay away from junk food. And be friends with good people."
Age is just a number. Just like Mann Kaur, everyone has the opportunity to be a star athlete regardless of age. The 1st Asia Pacific Masters Games (APMG) 2018 in Penang, Malaysia on Sept 7-15 offers the perfect opportunity for one to live out his/her dream in the sporting arena.
There are 21 sports to choose from, so sign up now at Hurry up to take advantage of the early bird discount for registrations, which ends on 31 January.
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It’s finally up Masters!


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